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10 Games By Black Developers That You Need To Play Right Now 6 - 10

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6. Swimsanity!

Brothers Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah founded independent game studio Decoy Games. Together, they’ve released Swimsanity! — a multiplayer underwater shooter game.

The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime this summer.

Experience an action-packed co-op and versus underwater shooter in Swimsanity! Whether you're teaming up with friends to swim in Adventure mode, or clashing in competitive matches, dive into Swimsanity! on #NintendoSwitch this summer. #Nindies
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7. SweetXHeart

What originally started in 2014 as an independent project turned into something much bigger. With Catt Small’s SweetXHeart (pronounced sweetheart), players are challenged to get through the week as Kara, a 19-year-old from the Bronx.

Small describes SweetXHeart as a “slice-of-life-game about microaggressions, race, and gender.”


With Jesse Williams’ BLeBRiTY, players are tested on their knowledge of Black culture in a charade inspired game. The game boasts over 25 genres, including “HBCUs,” “Momma Phrases,” and more.

“We decided to stop waiting and start building. By creating the experiences we like, we’ve tapped into our own cultural zeitgeist, which is so often the source material for pop culture at large,” Williams said, according to Vibe. “BLeBRiTY is an uproariously funny, creative event where everyone can play, learn and laugh their a**es off! We don’t wait to be included anymore, we build and include ourselves.”

9. Black Inventors Match Game

Created by, Dr. Leshell HatleyBlack Inventors Match Game is the first mobile app designed to teach Black history that specifically targets kids.

Kids follow best friends, Myles and Ayesha, to learn who invented the patents for items like doorknobs, traffic lights, and more. Kids also have their memories tested with a matching game.

10. For The Culture

Developed by Ark Creative Company — this app aims to celebrate Black culture by putting a modern spin on charades. For The Culture has over 20 categories, including Celebrities, Historical Figures, and more.

Watch a trailer for the app below!


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