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One of the biggest shoe trends for Spring 2020 is the dad sandal, an off-shoot of the popular flatform. Aka the ugly sandal. And I am here for it and will not accept any slander thrown its way.

Dad sandals are very versatile to style. I love them paired with more feminine/flirty looks—say a puffy sleeved dress or with an edgier look like mom jeans and a cropped cut-out tank. Get more outfit inspo and follow me on Pinterest below!

There are tons of cool designer label takes on the dad sandal that I’m drawn to immediately, but then I can’t bite the bullet on the $500+ price tag.

Designer Dad Sandals

Ahhh, the Fendi ones are calling my name. So are the Chanel ones. But alas. If you’re feeling spendy, feel free to click on any image above to shop the shoes.

Dad Sandals under $150

Now what I CAN get jiggy with are dad sandals under $150. I mean, I still in my head want a designer pair, but these will have to do. I can extremely vouch for the Teva Hurricane Drift sandal. I bought a pair after remembering my homey Kellie B gushing over her Tevas. They worked so well for me during my trip to Ghana. I could get them wet with no issue whatsoever, they were extremely comfy for walking all day, and they could handle rougher terrains all while looking cute with most of my outfits.

Are you down with dad sandals? Tell me in the comments!

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I vlogged my Ghana trip! You can watch what went down below!

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